Saturday, February 1, 2020

Week4 report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Week4 report - Essay Example I performed the task of balancing the clearing checks which are deposited in the accounts of the customer. Moreover, I had to deal with the rejected checks which were drawn on the local banks’ accounts (Parker 48). I learned numerous new skills in the past 30 hours such as, I learned to make use of appropriate language and be positive while communicating with others. I was able to be flexible enough to adjust according to the need of work and the requirements of dealing with the customer. I am able to be calm and patient along with being polite to the customers. I learned to be able to keep the customers’ information confidential and to maintain their privacy according to the policy. I have been able to be careful and attentive about the single details and their accuracy. Most importantly in this work experience, I have learned from my mistakes and observed many ways to work out of difficult situations and in different conditions (Fitch 50). I have adopted the troubleshooting skills while facing some problems and handled them during training in the last 30 hours. The problems I encountered made me flexible and enabled me to find out their solutions accordingly. In the fourth week, the problem was that the workers were too busy because of upcoming Eid vacation. Therefore, it was difficult for me to complete my training as there was lesser time. I resolved this issue by being calm and followed the workers patiently. I also took help from the detailed papers to get an idea of the new tasks. Secondly a problem occurred when I forgot to write the customer’s phone number on the check while depositing that could cause trouble in rechecking if any error would be detected in depositing. I verified the customer’s account for the contact number with the help of a worker and then I wrote it on the check. Another problem I faced was that according to the bank policies a check cannot be deposited after 12:00 P.M., that I solved by explaining the customer our

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